If you have a print disability, your local library provides many options for finding accessible library materials. Here are details for connecting with helpful and free library services as well as some of the resources available through your local public library. Contact your local public library have any questions. 

Library Services for People with Print Disabilities 

Print disabilities affect approximately 10% of the Canadian population. According to the Copyright Act (section 32), a print disability is a learning, physical, or visual disability that impairs a person from reading conventional print. 

Alberta public libraries that participate in the Public Library Network have access to resources that respond to the needs of people with print disabilities. Click here to learn more! 

CELA and NNELS are free services for library patrons with print disabilities. These services ensure equitable access to library materials. A person may be temporarily print disabled and still be eligible to use CELA and NNELS.

  • CELA - The Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) makes it possible and easy for all public libraries in Canada to provide reading materials in accessible formats to patrons with print disabilities. CELA also provides training and support to help libraries deliver their accessible services effectively. 
  • NNELS - The National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS) is a repository of content owned and sustained by Canadian public libraries, working with international partners, libraries, readers, and publishers (particularly Canadian ones) to make copies of books in accessible formats available to readers in Canada who have print disabilities. 

Contact your local public library for more information, or to register as a patron with print disabilities. 

CELA Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is eligible to use CELA? 

CELA services are for library patrons with print disabilities, whether permanent or temporary. 

How do I register for CELA services? 

Self-register online at Once registered you will be able to request materials. If you require assistance registering, contact your local public library or CELA support

What types of content and formats does CELA provide?

CELA's collection includes materials in English and French for all ages and interests. 

Materials are available in a variety of formats: 


  • DAISY discs 
  • Audiobooks on CD 
  • Braille materials 


  • DAISY files 
  • Downloadable audiobooks 
  • Newspapers 

What is DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System)?  

DAISY is a universal format standard for audiobooks. It is designed to allow readers to move around the text as efficiently and flexibly as a print user. This includes navigating by headings or page numbers, placing multiple bookmarks and adjusting speed and tone. DAISY books offer numerous advantages over commercial books on CD. With links between text and narration, DAISY books allow a reader to go directly to specific sections, chapters or pages, and place multiple bookmarks. This ability to easily move around the book is not available with books on tape or CD.  

There are many ways to read a DAISY audio or textbook. Some common hardware and software options are available including Direct to Player, DAISY Player, Apps for mobile devices, Home Computers, and CD or DVD Players. For additional information about any of these compatible devices, click here.  

How do I access CELA materials? 

Once you are registered, you can search or browse for materials at

  • Download materials to your computer or mobile device. 
  • Receive DAISY discs, audiobook CDs, Braille materials, or described videos by mail direct to your home. No postage is required to return materials. 
  • Borrow physical materials from deposit collections at your local library (collections vary by location). Contact your local public library for more information. 
CELA Support 

Contact CELA for support: 



NNELS Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is eligible to use NNELS? 

NNELS services are for library patrons with print disabilities, whether permanent or temporary. 

How do I register for NNELS services? 

Contact your local public library to register for Print Disabled Services.  

Once registered, login to using your library card barcode number and PIN. 

If you require assistance with NNELS, contact your local public library or NNELS support

What types of content and formats does NNELS provide? 

NNELS content is predominantly popular fiction and non-fiction for all ages. Some French content is available. 

NNELS materials are available in a variety of digital formats:  

  • Downloadable audiobooks in DAISY or MP3 formats 
  • Downloadable eBooks in ePUB, eTEXT, and PDF formats 

How do I access NNELS materials? 

Once you are registered and logged in to you can search or browse for materials. 

  • Download materials to your computer or mobile device 
  • Transfer files to your iPod, MP3 player, Victor or DAISY Reader 
  • Download audiobooks to your computer and burn onto discs to be played in a DAISY Reader  

What if the audiobook title I want isn't available in NNELS? 

If the audiobook you are looking for isn't available in NNELS, you can request it to be added to the NNELS collection

NNELS Support 

Contact NNELS for support:  



Library Materials for Patrons with Print Disabilities 

Your local public library provides collections of large print books, physical audiobooks on CD or MP3 disc, and downloadable eBooks and eAudiobooks.  

Visit the online library catalogue, TRACpac to search for materials: 

→ Search by: author, title, subject, or genre 

→ Limit by format: large print, audiobook, eBook, eAudiobook 

If you require assistance searching for library materials, please contact your local public library.